Events & Projects                                                   

The Institute for Journalism and Society is devoted to the following five inter-related domains:

1) Featured events

The SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence were established in 1999 to honour outstanding works of journalism in Asia by both national and international news media published in English and Chinese. The forum aims to provide a platform for award winners from different parts of Asia to share their experiences with Hong Kong-based journalists, journalism educators and students. It is held every other year.

The Pulitzer Prize is the most respected journalism award in the world. The biennial Pulitzer Prize Winners Workshop invites four to six winners come on campus to discuss their award winning entries with journalism students and media practitioners in the Greater China region and beyond.

2) Conference and Forum
3) Lam Woo Foundation Senior Reporters-in-Residence Scheme

Launched in 2013 and funded by the Lam Woo Foundation Limited, the scheme involves inviting seasoned journalists from Hong Kong and overseas to come on campus for a week of lectures, group discussions and demonstrations. Students benefit by learning latest developments in the news industry from the veterans, who are in turn inspired by their contacts with future journalists.

4) International Media Salon

The objective of the Salons is to provide opportunities for students to interact with a wide selection of people from the news industry and other sectors of the community. Over the years, accomplished journalists, media executives, politicians, senior officials, diplomats, NGO-leaders and businessmen have been invited to speak on a broad range of local and international issues.

5) Collaboration with other institutions and training

The Institute organize different training workshops with following organizations:

  • Singapore Ngee Ann Polytechnic training programme
  • L&P Education training workshop 
  • Smart Expansion Global training workshop
  • Central and Western District “ Teens on Air” workshop
6) The Data and News Society

"With vast amounts of data accessible online and infographic technologies available to visualize data, the news media are making greater use of numerical data in the production and distribution of news. The Data & News Society (D&N) acts as a forum for promoting collaborative data and news projects among students, scholars and professionals from diverse academic backgrounds, including journalism, computer science, statistics, visual communication, and more."

7) Journalism Fellowship Scheme

HKBU Journalism Fellowship Scheme The HKBU Journalism Fellowship Scheme is for mid-career journalists from Asian countries and territories. It offers opportunities to journalists to strengthen their professional skills, exchange experience and ideas with colleagues from different backgrounds and from other parts of the continent, enhance knowledge and understanding of hot issues and topics in the region and build friendships and professional networks.