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The profound global changes in media technologies and the social environment present both challenges and opportunities to the journalism industry. In the early 21st century, the journalism profession is undergoing radical change because of developments in the way news is delivered. With improved online access, even individuals can compete as media operators, and everyone can provide instant feedback to published news. Far from being threatened as a traditional profession, journalism has taken on new importance because the knowledge and skills needed to practice it have become fundamental. Journalism’s relevance is no longer confined to the media business but is also felt by society at large.

Hong Kong Baptist University has been providing quality journalism education since late 1960s. Our faculty members have reaped rich harvest in their research activities. To meet the social and technological changes and challenges, and to bring the research outputs to bear upon journalism education, profession and the public at large, the Institute for Journalism and Society (IJS) was established in September 2007. It is hoped that by synergizing and innovating the various journalistic capabilities, we will be able to raise the journalistic standards, meet the social and technological challenges, and serve the public.